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How it works

Micro Hedge is an Effortless, Single step to increase your Capital.


Every Client will get three services (Micro Hedge/Micro Mart/Micro Telecom) at the time of signup, which can be operate with single Login ID and Password. Active Client form a Pool, each Pool has a Specific number of Clients.


Every Client will signup to activate account with 3 Units/$7.95 and out of these 3 Units, 1 unit will be transferred to their Telecom ID........... Pool 1 consist on 10 active Clients (1 to 10)


Client from 11 to 20 (Pool # 2) will be activated with same Procedure as mentioned in Step 1. When Pool 2 completes, each client of Pool 1 will get 1 unit (1 Unit = $2.65) in their account. Pool 2 consist on 10 active Clients (11 to 20)


From Client 21 to 40 form Pool 3 which Follow the same Procedure of Activation and getting Rewards in form of Unit ($2.65) as followed by Pool 1 and Pool 2. Pool 3 consist on 20 active Clients (21 to 40)


From Client 41 to 80 will form Pool 4 Following the same procedure as Followed previous pools, Pool 4 consist on 40 active Clients (41 to 80)

Unlimited Pools Means Unlimited Money

as long as pools will be growing, each client will get more money.


All clients will get 1 unit (1 Unit = $2.65) at the time of completion of every pool. Our 1st Target is 1 Lac Pools, then you will get (100000x2.65) USD $265000






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Micro Hedge is a social enterprise business funding platform created to help raise no-cost capital and grants to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, using a simple yet sophisticated well-thought-out crowdfunding technique to raise funds for business and personal uses. Your earning potential is unlimited and is influenced by the effort you put into building your wealth, together with the efforts of those above and below you building their wealth.

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